Corinth Pipeworks acknowledges the need to address climate change and take action to minimize its environmental footprint. At the same time, it contributes to the acceleration of the energy transition through solutions and products that facilitate development of the use of cleaner forms of energy.

Providing solutions that contribute to the energy transition
Use of RES/ clean energy
Monitoring and reducing carbon emissions
Energy efficiency

Corinth Pipeworks designs and implements actions aimed at protecting the environment and achieving transition to a low-carbon economy. Having as its main guidelines the achievement of reduced carbon emissions in the long term, reduction of resource use and optimal management of waste generated, the Company systematically monitors its performance and focuses on continuous improvement.

Sustainability Development Goals
Scope 1 & 2

50% until 2030 with Base Year 2022

Scope 3

25% until 2030 with Base Year 2022

Renewable Energy sources

  80% until 2025
100% until 2030

Water management
Carbon Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions (tn/year) CO2


Total CO2 emissions (tn) / tn of products