CPW America Co. is a leading supplier of steel pipe, precision tubing and steel products to the oil and gas industry, automotive, power and construction sectors. Since 2000, we have built a notable project reference list by working with most major oil and gas companies, leading pipe distributors and international contractors from around the world. 
Our state-of-the-art mills are capable of producing quality products with the most extensive size range offered worldwide. Our experienced personnel provide the advantage of excellent project management, value added services and outstanding customer support which assist our clients in achieving on-time project execution.
Our philosophy of pursuing excellence, combined with our flexibility and cost efficient solutions, enables us to support any challenge put before us. 
December 2000
CPW America Co. was established in Houston, Texas asCorinth Pipeworks, S.A.’s wholly owned sales office for the Americas.
July 2002
CPWA established a Third Party Trading division to represent mills other than Corinth.
December 2002
CPW America was awarded the 398 mile West Africa Gas Pipeline (WAGP) Project operated by ChevronTexaco in West Africa as a consortium led by CPW (18”and  20”), with MLP supplying the smaller OD’s.
December 2006
CPWA was awarded Duke’s 276 mile South East Supply Header (SESH) Project for 36” and 42” HSAW coated line pipe delivered to ports in Alabama and Louisiana.
March 2008
CPWA was awarded the 42” coated line pipe for Energy Transfer’s 150 mile Texas Independence Pipeline (TIPS) Project.
February 2010
CPWA was awarded the Williams Transco 2011 Pascagoula Expansion Project.. This was the first HFI-produced  26” project in the USA.
October 2010
CPWA was awarded the 20” CO2 Greencore Pipeline by Denbury Resources. This two year project was 240 miles of X70  CO2 line pipe and was coated, double joint welded and delivered via rail to Wyoming.
November 2010
CPWA was awarded West Coast Energy’s 36” HSAW line pipe for the Fort Nelson and Stewart Lake Project in Western Canada. CPW transported this material from Greece to the West Coast of Canada for further transport via rail to Northwestern Canada.
August 2014
CPWA was awarded a portion of the Rover and DAPL projects; 12” – 24” HFI/ERW and 30” – 42” HSAW externally coated pipe.  The material delivery was a two stage process:
1. Transport via ocean vessels from Greece to Ports of Entry along the Great Lakes
2. Truck transport, offload to and stockpile at the final destinations.
August 2015
  • ERW/HFI pipe mill is upgraded to produce pipes with max. length of 24m (from 18m)
  • Upgrade of the external coating mill to coat pipes up to 24m length (from 18m).
  • The new LSAW pipe mill investment is complete, enabling CPW to offer one of the widest product range of welded pipes worldwide. CPW is now ready to participate in the most demanding LSAW projects and the market of deep offshore pipelines
  • Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) awards contract to Corinth Pipeworks for the supply of large diameter pipes, for a total length of approximately 495 km (~270,000Tn of steel pipes, 48” diameter), for the onshore part of the pipeline across Greece.