Corinth Pipeworks has a history of nearly half a century in steel pipe manufacturing. There are many significant milestones during this long and evolving journey some of which are shown below:


A decade of major importance as our Company made its first steps in a demanding sector with global competition. New installations and major investments created our solid production base and the first orders to North America, Asia, Europe and MENA region started building our understanding and experience of important export markets.


The growth of Corinth Pipeworks’s capabilities and experience, and a further series of new investments caught the attention of global oil and gas companies. During this period Corinth Pipeworks was audited and approved by many end-users and main contractors which lead to the award of several prestigious project orders including our first offshore pipeline references.


This decade is a major breakthrough in the history of our Company. A brand new plant is constructed in Thisvi, 125Km North-West of Athens and our production facilities are relocated. Sidenor Group, the major Greek steel manufacturer acquires a majority holding and a massive restructuring plan begins. The Company publishes its first Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report.


Shared value for all our stakeholders: The implementation of strategic investments, combined with the participation in major and demanding projects, firmly establish the Company internationally. Corinth Pipeworks Holdings SA is absorbed by Cenergy Holdings SA.


Energy Transition Enabler: The company is ready for the shift based on the main pillars of the energy transition, with its leading position in gas fuels and CCS as well as a frontrunner of hydrogen.