We adopted a coherent, integrated sustainability strategy that incorporates actions for all major risks and opportunities related to the environment, society and corporate governance. By formulating appropriate policies and performance indicators, the sustainable development strategy lays the foundation for effective identification, monitoring and management of material ESG risks.

We innovate in the design of technological solutions that will facilitate the transition to a sustainable economy, take all the necessary measures in our production processes and supply chain in order to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and carbon footprint.

Due to the nature of the industrial processes our future has a strong correlation on the ability to operate in a sustainable way. Therefore, we are in the process of developing goals towards carbon footprint improvement as well as energy efficiency measures, while at the same time becoming more engaged with our suppliers, to ensure responsible sourcing of raw materials and services. In addition, the health and safety of the personnel is of utmost importance, and we invest significant number of resources to improve working conditions and create a safer working environment.


Our Strategy - (ESG Roadmap):
  • Recognition and analysis of risks and opportunities in environmental, social and governance issues, taki]ng into account all major influences, including the climate crisis, the requirements of the Green Deal and environmental legislation, health and safety at work
  • Updating of key corporate policies across the ESG spectrum and integration of these policies into the Company’s strategy
  • Formulation of indicators for monitoring performance
  • Establishment of mechanisms for due diligence and compliance with the law
  • Integration of governance measures to ensure transparency and responsible operation
  • Setting of medium- and long-term goals for reducing the environmental footprint from energy use and implementing a five-year continuous improvement plan in occupational health and safety
ESG Roadmap

Corinth Pipeworks’ core business of delivering energy to our customers and the way we operate contribute directly to and support several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Corinth Pipeworks’ is registered for EcoVadis Rating in November 2022. EcoVadis is one of the most internationally recognized supplier-sustainability ratings company. The rating reflects a company’s sustainability performance and identifies actions for improvement. More than 85,000 companies are rated by EcoVadis

Corinth Pipeworks  has strategically decided to manage the relationship with its suppliers, in a way that considers social and environmental factors, a practice known as responsible sourcing or supply chain responsibility.

By taking part in the EcoVadis evaluation platform, Corinth Pipeworks meets a demand from its clients and suppliers by providing them with access to its important details and performance. Using Ecovadis we can assess our performance, measure the sustainability management system identify opportunities for improvement in relation to 4 different sustainability pillars (Environment, Ethics, Human rights and Sustainable Procurement) and improve transparency and sustainability practices.

This allows us to benchmark our performance with that of other top companies' practices, many of whom are our clients, and thereby improve our business activity. Evaluating our suppliers communicating and accepting our company’s SCoC (supplier code of conduct) and setting a prioritization process, are all critical steps of our sustainable strategy.

Through the EcoVadis platform, the company assessed the sustainability of its suppliers of raw material based on their policies, and practices. Ecovadis is an important end product chain for both upstream and downstream operations. Corinth Pipeworks aims to extend the aforementioned assessment to the majority of its suppliers, include it into its supply chain procedures, and repeat the evaluation yearly in a continuous improvement process.

CDP, originally known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a global non-profit that runs the world’s environmental disclosure system for investors, companies, cities and governments to assess their impact and take urgent action to build a truly sustainable economy. In 2021, CPW disclosed its carbon emissions performance to customers through Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in climate change category.


Thank you for your interest. Please send us an email to inquire about our work in Sustainability in sustainability@cpw.gr