Export pipelines, infield flow lines, and gathering lines are at the heart of CPW’s business.
CPW has heavily invested in the latest HFW and LSAW pipe manufacturing equipment. Our commitment to QHSE, innovation and technical excellence combined with our highly experienced customer focused staff allows us to add value both in the most challenging deep water projects and ultimately to a more modest extension of an existing offshore development. For all offshore applications we utilize only top tier plate and HRC manufacturers with a proven track record of supply to the most difficult offshore applications.
CPW offers pipes in compliance with all major international standards used for offshore applications including DNV OS F101, API 5L/ISO 3183 Appendix J, supplemented where necessary by additional client specification requirements.
CPW is familiar with addressing specific requirements for S / J lay and Reel –lay installation methods, including those that require resistance to HIC / SSCC (sour environments).
CPW’s pipes can also be supplied with external anti-corrosion coating and concrete weight commonly used for offshore applications including three layer PE / PP, single or dual layer FBE in accordance with international specifications such as ISO 21809 and DNV FP R106.
Our Thisvi campus which contains our pipe manufacturing, pipe coating facilities and Thisvi sea port are all within a 1.5km radius which ensures high operating efficiency, reduced handling, lower costs, improved schedule and generally a reduced QHSE risk.
Cost reduction is an increasingly important aspect to getting new offshore projects through to sanction. Pipelines are a huge part of any project’s CAPEX so CPW fully understands that we have a major role to play in helping our clients reduce overall costs without any compromise in quality. Our high-tech manufacturing capabilities and lengthy experience allows us to drive the utilization of high quality welded pipes in lieu of other more expensive/long lead manufacturing methods.
  • HFW pipes as an alternative to seamless in range 8 - 18” 
  • LSAW pipes as an alternative to seamless pipes in diameter range 16 - 20” 
  • HFW pipes as an alternative to LSAW pipes in range 16 - 26”

Minimizing the amount of work done at the lay-contractor’s spool base or offshore itself on the lay barge during the installation phase is also key to reducing overall project costs. CPW recognizes this and has a number of unique capabilities that we can offer depending on the project requirements and associated production process.
  • Coated pipes in single lengths up to 24,4m
  • Guaranteed dimensional tolerances tighter than API / DNV offshore requirements
  • Pipe end dimensional reports mapped by robotic laser measurement system facilitating enhanced fit up procedures offshore or at the spool base.

Production risers

Risers are often considered to be one of the most critical parts of an offshore project development and this is usually reflected in the technical specification. CPW can “rise” to this challenge.

CPW’s ability to provide high quality LSAW pipes with heavy wall thickness from 16” / 406.4mm diameter, coupled with guaranteed toughness at very low temperatures, ultra-tight dimensional tolerances and associated fatigue resistance means that on many projects CPW can also supply the riser pipe scope under both dynamic and static loading.

Drilling risers

Drilling riser pipes are an important part of the tubular package, which makes up the drilling systems used offshore on floating drill ships.

CPW’s high-tech LSAW mill was specifically designed for the size of pipes and high yield strengths commonly specified for drilling riser main pipes e.g. 18 – 22”

Our ability to provide such pipes with tight dimensional tolerances at competitive prices, even relatively small quantities, means we can support most contractors with new project requirements or spares.

Alternatively, we are ready to consider supply of a complete package of main pipes, choke and kill, booster and hydraulic lines working where necessary with our selected sub-suppliers and associated manufacturing groups.

Tendon pipes

There are few pipe mills globally that can satisfy the difficult technical specification requirements for Tendon pipes. CPW aims to be one of those who can.

Our new LSAW JCOE mill can produce the required sizes and grades while satisfying the high yield mechanical property requirements, ultra-tight dimensional tolerances, and associated weldability requirements.

Every pipe supplied by CPW for tendons will come with a detailed dimensional report generated by a robotic laser measuring system. This will facilitate enhanced fit up of pipe ends during fabrication at site.  

CPW is currently working to build our qualification data package for tendon pipe applications so that we can demonstrate this capability to potential clients. Should you have a future requirement for tendon pipes, or wish to enquire about the status of our qualification work please do not hesitate to contact us.   

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