CPW recognizes that in today’s competitive market all suppliers need to add value and provide first class leading service. It is our mission to be the supplier of choice in the energy business. In order to exceed the clients’ expectations we try to anticipate their immediate and long range requirements and then follow with proposals we think might add value to their project. It is our goal to exceed all expectations.

There are many ways we achieve this. First we encourage our clients to share details of their requirements as soon as a project is conceived so that we can discuss and tailor our approach. This could result in any or all of the following:
  • Recommendations on steel making and pipe manufacturing route options, e.g. where welded pipe can be used as an alternate of seamless pipe.
  • Optimized base material and pipe technical specifications; taking into account modern manufacturing capabilities.
  • Optimized pipe description e.g. wall thickness, grade and joint length options.
  • Enhanced dimensional tolerances which will save time and cost during subsequent installation.
  • Extra services that CPW can supply from our own manufacturing facility e.g. machining, cutting, pre-fabrication, special marking,
  • Supplementary scope which CPW can manage using our preferred sub-suppliers and associated manufacturing groups e.g. pipe bends, pipe fittings, seamless pipes, speciality coatings, concrete weight coatings, power cables.
  • A detailed project management, QHSE, documentation, and logistics proposal, including storage when necessary.
  • Optimized vessel loading and/or unloading procedures.
  • Optimized packing, handling and preservation procedures.
  • Early alignment of IT links, software, and electronic reporting routines.

Our services:
  • Final site delivery
  • Storage
  • Our services: Accredited Laboratory (Sour service, Hydrogen)
  • Pipe coating
  • Ultra tight pipe tolerances for special applications
  • Fixed lengths
  • Double Jointing
  • Pipe cutting services
  • Technical consultancy and materials selection