Corinth Pipeworks is committed in making a positive contribution to the energy transition and to tackle climate change, through the development of innovative products and the reduction of the carbon footprint of its production activities. The company, constantly keeps up to date with international trends in issues relating to its activities and supports the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This is a dynamic strategic choice to strengthen competitiveness and promote the transition to a low-carbon future, with a view to creating value for its stakeholders.

The Company closely follows the initiatives and commitments as set out in the European Green Deal and takes the necessary measures in its production processes and in close cooperation with its supply chain with the view to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint. Furthermore, the Company carries out environmental protection training in all aspects of operational environmental protection, from waste management and disposal to water quality issues.

Energy Efficiency

Corinth Pipeworks uses operational excellence practices at a pilot level that cover a wide range of best energy efficiency applications:
Implementation of energy efficiency programs. The programs that were implemented, such as the replacement of the use of fossil fuels by electricity, the installation of LED luminaires, the transition to the ultra-high voltage network, etc. resulted in 2% energy savings in the production process. Improving our energy efficiency is an ongoing process that will continue for years to come.

Calculation and certification of carbon emissions. Calculation and certification by the independent body TUV Hellas of the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide emissions according to the standard ISO 14064-3: 2019 (GHG Scope I & II).

Electricity from RES. We aim to fully cover our needs for electricity directly from renewable sources, a commitment set by the company’s management. To this direction and until this option is available, we cover 100% of our electricity with the purchase of GOs (Guarantees of Origin).


Circular Economy

Corinth Pipeworks is committed to act in a sustainable manner and to assist the transition to a low carbon, circular economy. We are launching actions to create a circular future by utilizing wastes or by-products and generate industrial value-added products. A successful initiative that has been undertaken in conjunction with our partners Wasco Energy Group and AEIFOROS S.A., is the use of Electric arc furnace (EAF) slag, in special concrete applications such as heavy concrete for the coating of pipes for offshore pipelines.

Utilization of steel mill slags in concrete coating for pipes. Circular economy in action