Energy transition can be the means for combating climate change, accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions and at the same time creating conditions for growth and development.     
Through new technological solutions that allow the increasing use of renewable sources in the energy mix and the successful penetration of hydrogen technologies, carbon capture and storage, as well as energy storage, Corinth Pipeworks is ready for the energy shift. The technological solutions provided by our products focus on the main pillars of energy transition which are gas, hydrogen and CCS technologies (carbon capture and storage). We are committed in making a positive contribution to the energy transition and to tackle climate change, through the development of innovative products and the reduction of the carbon footprint of our production activities.

Gas & liquid fuel

Natural gas is often considered as the transitional fuel to a clean energy future, producing around half the carbon dioxide (CO2) and just one tenth of the air pollutants of coal when burnt to generate electricity. Natural gas is an ideal, cost-effective partner to renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydrogen and hydropower, providing a consistent back-up source of power to their variability.

For several years now, Corinth Pipeworks, focuses on gas transmission projects at a rate of more than 90% of its activity in the energy sector.


Hydrogen is considered the cleanest fuel of the future. One of the most important challenges, however, is its efficient production through electrolysis from renewable energy sources. In this way it will be able to, gradually, replace natural gas that is considered the fuel that will enable the transition to a zero carbon-emissions economy.

In collaboration with international companies and laboratories, CPW is a pioneer in the research and development of solutions for the certification of steel pipes for the safe transportation of hydrogen as a mixture with natural gas or in pure form. The objective of our research is the certification of steel pipes to withstand up to 100% hydrogen and the transportation through a new or existing high pressure networks.

To this direction, we are one of the leading manufacturers of steel pipes for the energy sector and the first, globally, to participate in the European Alliance for Pure Hydrogen (Hydrogen Alliance) as well as in Hydrogen Europe. Our experts participate in the Technical Committees and Working groups with the view to find solutions in a cost effective way to the secure transportation of hydrogen and also contribute to the important task of Standardization & and Regulations that will create the basis for the transition to a hydrogen economy.

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

Carbon capture and storage technologies prevent the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels or industrial processes. This technology is still in a testing phase, constantly evolving and considered that, as a technology for specific applications, will help tackle climate change.

For the last 15 years the Company has produced CO2 transmission pipelines with a total length of over 1,150 km and is ready to face any new challenge in the immediate production of products that will allow the application of this technology on a large scale.

Wind Energy

Today, wind energy offers a technologically mature, economically competitive and environmentally friendly energy choice. It is an inexhaustible source of energy, without an environmental burden. The wind energy sector is one of the fastest growing energy technologies, especially in offshore wind parks and dynamically in floating wind parks. Steel products are broadly used in these dynamically developing sectors fit our competencies and are under study, fully in line with the company's diversification strategy.