Corinth Pipeworks’ double jointing welding plant is set up to join 40 ft. (12 m) DRL pipe joints into 80 ft. (24 m) “double-joints”, providing double jointing services for an array of customers, accelerating the progress of the pipe laying whilst improving quality of the welds at the same time.

Equipment used to perform the double jointing process is the most, technically, advanced to date.

The basic equipment used for the production of  DJ (Double Joint) submerged-arc welded pipes is the following:
  • Internal Clamping Device (ILUC) with storage nest for a correct centering and alignment of pipes at the appropriate double joint station.
  • DJ-SAW OD root pass & cap welding station DC/AC.
  • DJ ID Welding station DC/AC.

Product Range:

Pipe outside diameter Standard 406 mm (16”) – 1.420 mm (56”)
Wall thickness (Absolut) 9.5 – 25.4 mm
Material grade Up to X100 / 840 MPa
Pipe length (Single Joint) 8,000 – 12,800 mm
Pipe length (Double Joint) 16,000 – 25,600 mm
Pipe weight (max) ~ 0.75T / meter
Rotation/travel speed pipe during welding Between 10 – 120cm/minute