CPW has been safely and efficiently delivering pipes by sea, rail, and road to our customer’s storage yard, fabrication site or spool base for many years.
We have hands-on experience of multi-modal transport, regulatory requirements and associated delivery documentation requirements to over 40 countries across the globe, often under very challenging conditions and with very basic facilities.

As part of our overall project management plan, CPW is ready to prepare a detailed logistics proposal which ensures a step by step plan for the safe transit and delivery of all items within our scope to the agreed delivery location.

As a minimum we fulfil all our obligations in accordance with the agreed delivery Inco terms, but we are also prepared for additional requirements that have been specified by our client, or by the client’s freight forwarding team.

Usually CPW will have its own staff on-site or at critical stages of the delivery to oversee operations and to provide support where required. CPW knows well that an excellent performance at our own facilities in Greece can be quickly undone by poor performance during the final delivery phase. 

In particular some anti-corrosion coating types (e.g. single layer FBEs) are susceptible to damage after multi-modal transport no matter how carefully the pipes are handled. CPW is proud of our very low damage ratio and we have a solution to make sure that all our pipes are immediately ready for use. During the final delivery phase our coating repair team is on call to visit the client’s site or spool base to assess any reported coating damage and if necessary conduct high quality field repairs without delay.