Climate change is a determining factor, which requires the immediate energy transition, as energy consumption is responsible for about two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We envision our future as a net zero-carbon emissions company making a significant contribution to a climate-neutral society. The technological solutions provided by our products allow the increasing use of renewable sources in the energy mix and the successful penetration of hydrogen technologies.

Main pillars of our strategy for sustainable growth and operation are:

Gas is the cleaner fossil fuel and shall remain the main transition fuel until reliable and competitive substitution by carbon-free energy sources can occur. As we look to natural gas & biogas to reduce the carbon footprint in the energy sector, industry leaders are increasingly reaffirming the importance of CCS technologies to maintain sustainable and environmentally acceptable low-carbon fossil fuels in the future green energy mix. Some of these sources, such as natural gas processing, present highly accessible targets for application of carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Hydrogen: The role of hydrogen in the future energy mix is an integral part of energy transition. It has great flexibility and variety in its potential applications: it can be used as fuel or in electricity generation, as well as in energy storage.

Wind is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. Usage is on the rise worldwide and the latest technology in offshore wind parks and floating foundations are expected to revolutionize this sector and expand the share of wind as a clean energy source.