Our experienced technical team, our cooperation in the development of steel grades with top steel suppliers, state of the art equipment and our in-house HIC laboratory facilities guarantee top performance in the realization of highly demanding projects.

Through new technological solutions that allow the increasing use of renewable sources in the energy mix, Corinth Pipeworks is ready for the energy shift. The Company holds a strong product portfolio enabling energy transition, by systematically investing in the research and development of new technologies related to pipe manufacturing of:
  • CO2 transmission pipelines: For the last 15 years the Company has produced CO2 transmission pipelines with a total length of over 1,150 km and is ready to face any new challenge in the immediate production of products that will allow the application of this technology on a large scale. 
  • Hydrogen transportation pipes: certified according to ASME B31.12 Option B, for the safe transportation of hydrogen and hydrogen–natural mixes utilizing existing or new high pressure and steel grade pipeline infrastructure.

The development of new fields and reserves in harsh environments worldwide is needed in order to reach new energy resources. This has increased the need for pipes capable of performing in severe and demanding conditions like sour gas, arctic temperatures, etc.

Typical applications are:
  • High H2S (Sour gas) pipelines
  • CO2 re-injection pipelines
  • Offshore reel-lay applications
  • Very low operating temperatures
  • Deep - ultra deep water offshore pipelines
  • High pressure / high temperature pipelines & risers
  • Fatigue sensitive applications

Corinth Pipeworks has a long experience in such projects, supplying nearly 2.000Km of sour service pipes to onshore and offshore projects worldwide from 2002 to-date.