CPW is a global leader in steel pipeline solutions for the energy and construction markets.

Decades of experience provide an in-depth understanding of what our clients expect.

CPW has the ability to add value to a client’s project whether the application is a challenging offshore subsea flow line, a high criticality onshore gas transmission pipeline, transportation of 100% hydrogen at high pressures through large diameter/high strength steel pipelines,  or a specialized structural steel requirement.

CPW’s strong commitment to the latest pipe manufacturing technology and its experienced staff support a continuous drive for innovation. It is this philosophy that supports the fact that high quality welded pipes are used for a wider range of applications than ever before.

As a result of CPW’s input, many clients are now benefitting from optimized technical performance, reduced lead times, significantly lower CAPEX, lower installation costs and in turn improved project viability.

CPW combines our pipe manufacturing expertise with a willingness and flexibility to supply a full package of compatible products and services. When required our clients usually opt to take advantage of our modern anti-corrosion pipe coating capability. In addition, our general industrial plant, facilities, and engineering know-how can be put to many other practical uses.