Corinth Pipeworks is committed to meet the needs of society by delivering products in a reliable, inclusive and sustainable manner, and in doing so, creating shared value for all stakeholders. The Company is committed to operating safely in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and to partnering with its customers and community stakeholders to build a sustainable future for all parties involved. Responsible operation and the preservation of the health and safety of our employees and contractors, are considered primary goals and fundamental for the sustainable operations and the Company invests significant amount of resources to improve working conditions and create a safer working environment.
Corinth Pipeworks recognizes the importance of clear and proper governance structure to fulfill its strategic goals.
Sustainability is one of our business principles. They consist the beliefs and behaviors that guide our decisions. Each business principle is underpinned by a policy statement that defines our commitments. Then, more detailed operational policies describe the rules that must be observed by our employees and subcontractors.
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We maintain a continuous dialogue with our entire value chain who contribute to the final product, that matters to suppliers and customers.
  • Customers
    Our customer oriented philosophy has resulted in strong, long term mutually beneficial relationships. It is important for us to understand whether we achieve our goals to make their businesses more efficient, profitable and sustainable and create value together. Customers distinguish Corinth Pipeworks, for its technological superiority, flexibility, provision of cost optimization solutions and overall high efficiency, as confirmed every year by the customer satisfaction indicators
  • Employees
    Our people are the driving force behind our operations and that they are vital to our growth and development. Our priorities include health and safety programs, engagement and wellbeing, promoting diversity and inclusion, discussing performance, and providing training and development opportunities.
  • Suppliers
    Our suppliers support us in the delivery of our services. Promoting sustainability in our supply chain is part of our commitment to creating value for society.