CPW America is proud to offer seamless tubing from Slovakia.  
The company Železiarne Podbrezová a.s. has maintained its position as one of the leaders in the European and world producers of seamless steel tubes thanks to its production program, high level of technological equipment, high quality of workforce, and the philosophy on which they are managed. You can encounter our products in all continents of the world thanks to our sales network, the quality, and the service which we provide to our customers.
We offer seamless steel tubes with diameters from (D) 10.2 to 610.0 mm and wall thickness (t) from 0.5 to 72.0 mm. The seamless tubes form important part of all types of steel structures, and are used mainly in building, power and mining industries.
The seamless tubes by usage:
Seamless Steel Tube Applications
  • Steel tube for pressure appliances
  • Steel tubes for heat exchangers
  • Steel tubes for heat exchangers with internal riffling 

Precision Steel Tubes
Tubes for heat exchangers and boilers
Tubes for hydraulics and pneumatics
Tubes for automotive industry 

Size Range
OD: .157" - 4.724
WT: .197" - .394"
Hot Rolled Seamless Pipe and Tubes
  • Tubes for pressure applications and power industry 

Size Range
OD: .838" - 5.500"
WT: .091" - .492"
Number of drawing benches:     23
Number of annealing furnaces:  7
We produce tubes in accordance with these specifications: EN, ASTM, ASME, API, GOST, JIS, DIN, BS, NFA, UNI, STN, ČSN, PN – H