The ELVAL Group is the aluminium processing and trading division of VIOHALCO and is the only Greek producer of flat rolled aluminium products, distinguished for world-class quality and services as well as for human resource management and environmental protection.
ELVAL started its activities in 1973 and is now one of the most important aluminium rolling industries in the world
Some of the competitive advantages of the Group are its manufacturing flexibility, its powerful presence outside Greece, its important presence in the lithography market, its leading position in the Greek market, its extensive distribution network, and its strategic partnerships with world-known firms.
The extensive manufacturing base of the ELVAL Group, which includes 12 production plants in Greece, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, manufactures a number of different aluminium products that meet the needs of the food, shipbuilding, automotive, construction and printing industries.
The company has grown over the past four decades from a medium sized regional producer to a global force with exports to more than 60 countries in all five continents such as US, EU, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Middle East, etc.
This success is the result of sustained efforts throughout the company in its pursuit of continuous improvement, a philosophy that has led to investments in state-of-the-art production technology and world-class research and development facilities.
ELVAL is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange http://www.helex.gr/
Applications & Products
ELVAL focuses on the rolling of aluminium, manufacturing a number of different products, from aluminium foil and special alloys used in the automotive industry to aluminium coils and sheets used for soft drink and food cans.
  • Coated Aluminium Sheets & Coils
    • Building & Construction SectorΒ
    • ELVAL- ENF (Energy Facades)
  • Rigid packaging,
  • Plain Sheets, Coils, Tread Plates and Circles
  • Automotive
  • Mass transportation
    • High Magnesium Alloy Sheets & Plates
    • Aluminium Bright Tread Plates
Other aluminium product families, are represented by activities from companies from the ELVAL Group: