Corinth Pipeworks S.A. mission is to manufacture and provide value-added/ tailor made steel pipe solutions and hollow sections to the energy and construction industry.

Our core aim is to be the partner of choice by fulfilling our customers’ high expectations, gaining trust, offering world class quality products and exceptional customer service in today’s highly competitive market.

We aim to anticipate clients’ needs and develop diverse competitive products based on new technologies and solid technical expertise.

With continuous investments, fully committed people, and with an organizational culture ready to embrace excellence, we are determined to achieve long term sustainable growth that will benefit our customers, our suppliers, our people, our shareholders and our community.

Top Management is committed to Quality, therefore provides the necessary resources for the continual improvement of the Quality Management System, which conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 & API Q1 standards. In order to achieve our business goals, we believe that our Quality Management System shall satisfy all applicable requirements and focus on customer satisfaction.

Top Management determines Quality Objectives in alignment with the strategic direction and current Quality Policy of Corinth Pipeworks SA. Quality Objectives are the driver for the design of Quality Management System while monitored and reviewed through specific processes in a systematic manner.

Quality Policy is periodically reviewed for its continuous suitability, is communicated in an understandable manner to all our people, while being available to all interested parties.