The Quality Policy of Corinth Pipeworks is an important part of its strategic planning, and aims to strengthen its leading position in the global steel market for the energy industry. To achieve this, the primary objective is to meet or exceed the expectations of the customers.
For Corinth Pipeworks product quality assurance is a matter for all those involved in the process. It capitalizes the active participation of the management, the employees, the suppliers and even the customers and creates a sense of trust among shareholders.

The Company’s Quality policy includes all those methods and practices that ensure product quality throughout the value chain from design to steel production, investment, storage and disposal. It also includes the collection and evaluation process of information on customer satisfaction in order to constantly improve the methods and practices that follow.

It is important the ability of the Quality Management System to integrate, in a successful manner, the research and development of new products and cutting edge technologies, that provide Corinth Pipeworks with a dynamic growth prospects and profitability.

The industry that Corinth Pipeworks operates is characterized by high technological and quality requirements with great outlook and intense competition. It is therefore clear that a comprehensive Quality Management System like Corinth Pipeworks’ is the best guarantee to maintain its competitiveness, globally, and its dynamic and profitable growth. This Policy shall be reviewed periodically communicated in an understandable manner to all personnel and available to all interested parties upon request.
The markets where Corinth Pipeworks operates have established high, technological and qualitative requirements, while are also characterized by development perspectives and intense competition. A factor of particular importance for Corinth Pipeworks to maintain its competitiveness globally as well as to ensure its dynamic and profitable growth is the implementation of a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards.
Corinth Pipeworks manages the Quality of its products and services through:
  • developing Policies and Procedures that cover the whole range of its operations,
  • monitoring the effective implementation of Policies and Procedures,
  • controlling and assessing the results arising from the implementation of Policies and Procedures,
  • reviewing and improving Policies and Procedures when deemed necessary